What is Samsung Android Dialer

What is Samsung Android Dialer


Welcome to our informative guide on com Samsung android dialer!

In today’s digital age, smartphones have become an essential part of our lives, and Samsung has been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge technology.

As an Android user, you might have encountered the term “com Samsung android dialer” and wondered what it entails.

In this article, we will delve into the world of the Samsung Android dialer, explaining its features, functionality, and how it enhances your overall calling experience.

Whether you are a Samsung device owner or simply curious about this specific dialer, we have covered you with all the essential details. Let’s dive in and explore com Samsung Android dialer together!

What is a Samsung Android Dialer?

The Samsung Android dialer is an integral part of the Android system, offering a seamless and distraction-optimized (DO) experience for Bluetooth calling, contact browsing, and call management.


As an essential component of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), the Dialer provides a fully functional implementation.

When you engage in phone calls on your Android device, the Dialer app takes center stage, presenting a user-friendly interface to handle the call.

With its capabilities to showcase caller information, handle incoming calls, and facilitate features like a speakerphone and call recording, the Dialer ensures a comprehensive call management experience.

What is The Samsung Android Dialer Used For?

The Samsung Android Dialer app is a versatile tool gateway to seamless Bluetooth calling, efficient contact management, and effortless browsing.


With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, this application takes communication to new heights.

Built upon the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) foundation, it offers a comprehensive and feature-rich experience exclusively tailored for Samsung devices running the Android operating system.

Whether making hands-free calls, organizing your contacts easily, or exploring the web while staying connected, the Samsung Android Dialer app is your go-to companion for enhancing your mobile communication experience.

How to Fix the Samsung Dialer App Has Stopped Error?

1. Clear Dialer App Cache and Data

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your Samsung device.
  2. Tap on “Apps” or “Applications” from the available options.
  3. Scroll through the list and locate the “Phone” app, which is the call app on Samsung.
  4. Select the “Storage” option.
  5. You’ll find the “Clear Cache” button at the bottom of the screen. Tap on it.
  6. Once the cache is cleared, tap “Clear Data”.
  7. To ensure a complete reset, press the back button to return to the main page of the Phone app.
  8. Lastly, tap “Force Stop” at the bottom of the screen.
  9. Confirm your action by pressing “OK” on the prompt that appears.

2. Update the Dialer App

To update the app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Galaxy Store on your device.
  2. Locate the Menu button at the bottom right, distinguished by three stacked horizontal lines.
  3. Tap on the “Updates” button.
  4. Browse through the list of available updates.
  5. If you find the Phone application in the list, tap on the update button located on the right side.

Updating your dialer app from the Galaxy Store, rather than the Google Play Store, ensures a smoother experience.

3. Use a Third-Party Dialer App


Here’s a step-by-step instruction to assist you repair the problem and get your dialer app back up and running.
Consider utilizing a Dialer App from a Third Party: Begin by investigating market alternatives. Look for the finest free dialer software for Android that meets your requirements and preferences.
Download and install the application: Download and install the best third-party dialer software from the Google Play Store after you’ve discovered it.
Permissions: After installing the programme, launch it and provide it the appropriate permissions when requested. This ensures that the app works correctly and can use your device’s calling features.
Set as Default: Some third-party dialer programmes may want to be designated as your default calling app. If asked, set it as the default by following the app’s instructions.
Manually Set as Default (if necessary): If the app does not prompt you to make it the default calling app, you can do so manually in the device settings.
a. On your Samsung mobile, launch the “Settings” app.
b. Find and choose the “Apps” option.
c. Select “Choose default apps.”
d. Locate and choose the “Phone app” option.
e. Select the third-party dialer software you wish to use, such as Google Phone or another from your installed applications list.
f. Finally, save the modifications by using the back button.

What Does Used Com.Samsung.Android.Messaging means in Google activity?

If you stumble upon the intriguing phrase “used Com.Samsung.Android.Messaging” within your Google activity, fear not! This peculiar entry implies that your trusty Samsung phone sought to harmonize data by accessing your Google account.


Don’t be too quick to assume you were engrossed in an emotional texting spree. It’s entirely plausible that the messaging app was innocently engaged in synchronizing vital information.

While contemplating the best free dialer app for Android, it’s worth delving into another fascinating aspect of the Android ecosystem: the Meta App Manager.

This multifaceted tool offers an array of functionalities to manage and optimize your Android experience.

Wrapping Up!

Understanding the Samsung Android dialer is essential for maximizing your calling experience on Samsung devices.

As you explore the com Samsung android dialer world, you’ll discover its remarkable features and functionality that elevate your communication capabilities.

Whether making calls, managing contacts, or accessing various calling options, the Samsung Android dialer offers a user-friendly interface and seamless integration with your device.

By harnessing the power of this dialer, you can optimize your calling experience and stay connected effortlessly.

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