Accidentally Reported Text As Junk

Accidentally Reported Text As Junk


Picture this: you are scrolling through your iMessage inbox, trying to clean up the clutter and get rid of some unwanted texts.

But uh-oh, in a moment of haste, you accidentally hit that dreaded “Report Junk” button! Panic sets in, and you wonder if there is any way to undo the damage.

Well, fear not, my friend!

In this little chat, I’ll spill the beans on how to fix this mishap. We will uncover the secret to undoing a reported text as junk in iMessage.

What Does It Mean to Accidentally Report a Text as Junk?

Accidentally reporting a text as junk can have unintended consequences that may leave you scratching your head. What does it mean to accidentally report a text as junk?

Well, when you classify a message as junk, you are essentially flagging it as unwanted or spam.

The consequences can vary depending on the messaging platform or email client you’re using. It could result in future messages from that sender being filtered into your junk or spam folder, or worse, blocking any further communication altogether.

It’s important to exercise caution when dealing with unfamiliar messages to avoid inadvertently classifying legitimate correspondence as junk.

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What Happens if You Report a Text as Junk?

When you report a text as junk on iMessage, be it intentional or accidental, the consequences are twofold.


Firstly, the system permanently deletes the message, swiftly eradicating it from your inbox. Secondly, both your carrier and Apple receive the message thread and the sender’s phone number.

This collaboration enables them to pinpoint spam-associated numbers and enhance their ability to combat such messages effectively.

It’s important to note that if you are using an iPad rather than an iPhone, the report solely goes to Apple, as carriers aren’t involved in this process.

Accidentally pressing the “Report Junk” option won’t impede the sender’s communication capabilities. Apple and carriers possess expertise in distinguishing spam numbers.

The button exists to assist their ongoing efforts, with further action taken only when multiple users report a specific number.

Similarly, if one of your contacts reports you as junk, fear not. A solitary report won’t jeopardize your iMessage account—unless you are persistently spamming others. Rest assured, your iMessage account remains secure.

Is It Possible to Un Report a Text as Junk?

Accidentally reporting text messages as junk may happen to the best of us, and the good news is that it’s not a critical issue. You can still maintain communication with the contact through iMessage. However, the question remains:

Can you reverse this mistake? Regrettably, at this time, there is no option to un report a text message.

Nevertheless, you can take steps to perform some damage control by initiating a text conversation with the contact to demonstrate that they are indeed a safe and legitimate number. 

How to Avoid Accidentally Reporting a Message as Junk

To avoid accidentally classifying communications as garbage, take the following steps:


Keep your eyes peeled for the pop-up: When the pop-up displays, do not immediately tap on it. The primary choice in iOS 16 is “Report Junk,” with “Don’t Report as Junk” as an alternative. Instead, try not to touch any of the options on the pop-up.

Tap anywhere outside the pop-up instead of selecting an option: Tap anywhere outside the pop-up instead of selecting an option. This step removes the messages without labeling them as trash and closes the pop-up window.

Consider getting iOS 16.1: Download and install iOS 16.1 on your phone. Apple has made numerous changes to this version. “Delete” and “Report Junk” are now distinct options. When you click “Delete,” a confirmation prompt appears with three options: “Delete,” “Delete and Report Junk,” and “Cancel.” This modification makes it less likely that someone may report something by mistake.

Apple identified a problem with the user interface in iOS 16 and resolved it by making these modifications to the user interface in iOS 16.1. 

Is It Possible to Disable the “Report Junk” Pop-Up?

You may prevent the “Report Junk” warning from displaying again after you have mistakenly marked an SMS as trash on your iPhone by performing the following:


The “Report Junk” prompt that appears on Apple devices cannot be disabled entirely. No matter what you do, it will materialize.

The “Report Junk” prompt is presently limited to a select few U.S. carriers including T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon, and only appears on iPhones running iOS 16.

If the “Delete” button does not display on an iPhone with iOS 16, there are two probable causes. Neither you nor your location support the “Report Junk” functionality from the aforementioned service providers.

Accidentally Reported Text As Junk FAQs

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